A blast in Dubai hotel, Kabul

Kabul was yet hit by another bloody incident which left families mourning for their loved ones.

According to the local reports the death toll from the blast which happened in the city of Kabul’s West end has reached at least 63 and another hundred and fifty have been wounded so far.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack stating that it was aimed at the police force and soldiers in the area.

While the eighth round of the US-Taliban talks is underway in Doha, Qatar, both sides agree that significant progress has been made so far.

Two of the victims of the recent blast were sisters.

Zohal and Negineh were the two sisters who lost their lives in a Taliban bomb blast in Kabul yesterday (Wednesday, 1).

Zohal was twenty-three years old and her sister Negina was only seventeen. Zohal had been married for three years and was mother to two children, two years old and nine months old, and Negineh had just graduated from high school.

The mother of the two sisters says that her daughters got killed while shopping for clothes her grandkids.

The mother asks for justice stating , “I lost my daughters, I was brought their dismembered body parts. I buried their empty coffins. From one, only half of her body and from the other only one of her hands were left behind.”

Zohal’s husband, Asadullah, has been unable to speak ever since he received the devastating news about his wife.

Relatives of the victims blame the government for failing to provide safety and security for its citizens.



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