Attack on Roshnayee Movement


Dozens were killed and wounded in a suicide bombing by the so-called Islamic State or ISIS in Kabul. Afghan Ministry of Public Health Affairs has announced that more than 64 people were killed and at least 265 others were injured in the attack. The attack took place at the same time as protests were underway by a group called the Roshnayee Movement at the intersection of Dehmazang in western Kabul, the main gathering place of the protesters. BBC Farsi

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در حمله‎ای انتحاری گروه موسوم به دولت اسلامی یا داعش در کابل ده‎ها نفر کشته و زخمی شده اند.
وزارت صحت عامه‎ی افغانستان اعلام کرده در این حمله بیش از ۶۴ تن کشته و دست کم ۲۶۵ نفر دیگر زخمی شده اند.
این حمله همزمان با راهپیمایی و تحصن معترضان موسوم به جنبش روشنایی در چهار راهی دهمزنگ در غرب کابل، محل اصلی تجمع معترضان رخ داده است
23 ژوئیه 2016 – 02 مرداد 1395 (تاریخ را ما بعدن برگردانی مینماییم)
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