An explosion at the entrance to Kabul University

An explosion at the entrance to Kabul University has left a number of people dead and many more injured.
The Interior Ministry of Afghanistan confirms that a car bomb exploded at the entrance of Kabul university. This ministry has not yet reported on the casualties of this this incident.
However, a health Ministry spokesman Wahidullah Mayar has Tweeted that 6 dead and 27 injured were taken to the hospital.
The blast took place around 7am on 19th July.


Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 11.10.28. Sardar Wali Faizi  and Fakhudin Faiaz students of Albironi University are killed in this event.

۶ کشته و ۲۷ زخمی در انفجار امروز دروازه دانشگاه کابل
امکان تغیر امار وجود دارد.

سردار ولی فیضی دانش آموخته دانشکده شرعیات دانشگاه البیرونی و فخرالدین فیاض محصل بر حال صنف چهارم دانشکده شرعیات البیرونی در حادثه انتحاری امروز در درب ورودی پوهنتون کابل شهیدشده اند.

19-7- 2019


To hell with the vicious murderers of our young generations, to the murderers of our innocent people, death to these heartless and unscrupulous animals!! An attack on our university students, on the future-makers of our country is a clear sign and indication that the enemies of Afghanistan and their vicious and cruel slaves aim to شق۲take keep our nation illiterate and in dark ages.

Listen carefully you pieces of shit, regardless of being Taliban or Daesh or even those who share their ideology, Afghanistan will NEVER return to the dark ages again!! Today even countries who are your idol and the keepers of our religion, even their people are living a much better and a much more normal life than what you try to enforce on our people. Yet you try to take our Afghanistan back to many centuries ago of illiteracy and darkness. I assure you that you will take this sick, vicious and inhumane dream of yours to burning hell along with all your horrible sins of killing so many innocent people! We all pray for a rapid and swift end to all your dirty lives!!




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